When the time comes to put your house on the market, making it look appealing to prospective buyers should be at  the top of your to-do list. Effectively staging a home is an important aspect to selling your home quickly. Your goal is to get the buyers to imagine themselves living there and seeing themselves having a life in your house. Here are some tips to help you get your home market-ready.

  • Use your real estate agent

When you hire a real estate agent, you’re getting all of the expertise and knowledge you need to make your home look good. Part of their job is to make the home look as appealing as possible. They know just what to do when staging your home to make it look the best it can be. 

  • Empty it out 

No one wants to live in a home that’s filled with clutter. A good first step to staging your house is to make sure it’s not overfilled with stuff. Making it more empty will give potential buyers the impression that there is enough storage space for them. Additionally, go through and take out  any items that are very personal to you. It would be more difficult for the buyers to imagine themselves living in your home if they’re surrounded by family pictures and mementos. 

  • Deep Clean

No one wants to buy a house that looks like it’s been through the wringer. Doing a deep cleaning of every nook and cranny tells buyers that you’ve taken great care of your house and property. If you have pets, make sure there is no sign of them or their belongings. Buyers might have an allergy or dislike pets in general. 

  • Let the light in

Open the blinds and turn on the lights! Potential buyers don’t want to walk into a dark and uninviting home. It’s appealing to have a bright and airy atmosphere in order for the home to have a good first impression. 

  • Decorate Mindfully

 A pro tip to remember when decorating a home that’s going on the market is to decorate in odd numbers. Decorating in pairs of three or five makes it more interesting to look at and more intriguing for people touring  your home. Additionally, it’s important to decorate with neutral colors and accessories. Bold colors and patterns can be a turn off for buyers, and distract them from the major selling points of your home. Even if the potential buyers want bright colors themselves, a neutral home gives them the option to decorate how they would like to.