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Buying & Selling Process

About Gabler Realty & Our Mission

“Our Team. Your Dream.” We know that the closing table is only the beginning of something much bigger. Whether you’re buying or selling, we hope to make the journey about your dreams for the future. Our team strives to provide respect, integrity, and honesty to everyone involved, while centering the interests of our clients at the forefront of our plan.

So what does it mean to hire Gabler Realty? When you agree to work with one of our highly skilled agents, you are gaining a confidant who will guide you through every step with care and patience. Our agents embody unwavering fidelity and pride themselves on being experts in understanding the marketplace. Our lineup also consists of a highly trained, full-time support staff who are devoted to making the entire process run flawlessly. Together, our agents and staff focus on delivering impeccable customer service. Our mindset is to create the greatest success by partnering a truly devoted unit with one focus at heart: you!


Judith (Judi) Gabler
Judith (Judi) GablerReal Estate Broker & Owner
Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Animal Lover!
Cell/Text: (518) 727-5653
Email: Judi@GablerRealty.com

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Mary Canova
Mary CanovaReal Estate Salesperson
Marketer. Motivator. Home Stager Hobbyist!
Cell/Text: (518) 928-9797
Email: Mary@GablerRealty.com

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Paula Rice
Paula RiceAssociate Real Estate Broker
Avid Traveler. Health Foodie. Deal Closer!
Cell/Text: (518) 522-2825
Email: Paula@GablerRealty.com

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Gary R. Pollard
Gary R. PollardAssociate Real Estate Broker
Skilled Guide & Negotiator. Proud Grandad!
Cell/Text: (518) 821-9767
Email: Gary@GablerRealty.com

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Rebecca Cavalieri
Rebecca CavalieriReal Estate Salesperson
Experienced Landlord & Master Negotiator!
Cell/Text: (518) 210-4916
Email: Rebecca@GablerRealty.com

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Jennifer Eitleman
Jennifer EitlemanReal Estate Salesperson
Certified Interior Decorator. Hiker. Home Flipping Enthusiast!
Cell/Text: (518) 364-7393
Email: Jennifer@GablerRealty.com
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Mike Ferrigan
Mike FerriganReal Estate Salesperson
Capital Region Native. Investment Property Pro. Sportscar Enthusiast.
Cell/Text: (518) 495-3683
Email: Mike@GablerRealty.com
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Maggie Fromm
Maggie FrommReal Estate Salesperson
Traveler. Podcast Host. Social Media Buff!
Cell/Text: (518) 596-6044
Email: Maggie@GablerRealty.com
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Dania Bagyi
Dania BagyiReal Estate Salesperson
Mom, Photographer and Traveler!
Cell/Text: (518) 330-8656
Email: Dania@GablerRealty.com

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Christa Chenevert
Christa ChenevertReal Estate Salesperson
Problem Solver. Mother of Two. New York Native.
Cell/Text: (518) 225-0991
Email: Christa@GablerRealty.com
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Luke Dygert
Luke DygertReal Estate Salesperson
Motivated. Dependable. Business Owner.
Cell/Text: (518) 878-4207
Email: Luke@GablerRealty.com
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Joy Iafallo
Joy IafalloAssociate Real Estate Broker
Fitness Mom. Investment Property Pro. Remodeling Visionary!
Cell/Text: (518) 928-1825
Email: Joy@GablerRealty.com
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Heather LeVeille
Heather LeVeilleReal Estate Salesperson
LeVeille-Meacham Team
Cell/Text: (518) 765-4605
Email: Heather@GablerRealty.com
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Brian Little
Brian LittleReal Estate Salesperson
Organized. Dedicated. Insightful.
Cell/Text: (760) 518-0524
Email: Brian@GablerRealty.com
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Maryah Mac Donald
Maryah Mac DonaldAssociate Real Estate Broker
Cell/Text: (518) 618-5467
Email: Maryah@GablerRealty.com
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David (Dave) Ryan
David (Dave) RyanReal Estate Salesperson
Communicator. Fitness Enthusiast. Working Dad!
Cell/Text: (518) 810-4255
Email: Dave@GablerRealty.com

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Mariah Sinnott
Mariah SinnottReal Estate Salesperson
Cell/Text: (518) 577-4535
Email: Mariah@GablerRealty.com
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Christie Spellmeyer Rudolph
Christie Spellmeyer RudolphReal Estate Salesperson
Home Renovation Specialist. Interior Designer. Capital Region Native.
Cell/Text: (518) 779-5383
Email: Christie@GablerRealty.com
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Amanda Sponable-Pantalone
Amanda Sponable-PantaloneReal Estate Salesperson
REmotion Team
Cell/Text: (518) 956-1066
Email: Amanda@GablerRealty.com
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Roxanne Stanton
Roxanne StantonReal Estate Salesperson
Craft Enthusiast. Cow Owner. Hardworking Realtor!
Cell/Text: (518) 817-1022
Email: Roxanne@GablerRealty.com

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Kaile White
Kaile WhiteReal Estate Salesperson
Interior Designer. Experienced Landlord. Investor!
Cell/Text: (518) 416-3314
Email: Kaile@GablerRealty.com
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